We’re bringing together two leading energy companies

A common focus on customers

Energy Trade has a proud history of serving our customers over the past 7 years and we’ve been working with Energy Locals – an authorised and award-winning energy retailer operating in NSW and several other states – for nearly three years. Our two companies have been in the process of merging for the past few months given we share a common focus on customers, renewable energy and innovative solutions.

Same great service

To our incredible customers and partners, you have nothing to worry about. Our team isn’t changing and how we look after you isn’t changing, just our name is. Our Sydney-based customer service team is still available to support your needs. In fact, the only change you’ll notice for the foreseeable future will be the look of the correspondence you receive from us.

Who‘s Energy Locals?

Energy Locals is an award-winning Australian energy retailer that provides energy solutions to customers and organisations looking to embrace distributed energy such as solar PV and battery storage. Energy Locals is behind the South Australian Virtual Power Plant, in conjunction with Tesla, and we’ll be focusing on more renewable energy solutions in our Energy Trade developments. Both companies are backed by an organisation that focuses on making the adoption of renewable energy easy for customers.

Why the change?

By bringing our two companies together we can achieve more and provide better solutions for our customers.

We’re both committed to innovation, challenging the status quo, and driving a cleaner, greener future for all – so it makes sense to do that under a single identity.

Energy Locals is who we are, your local energy provider – we are part of your community.

We thank you for your support and we’re excited to continue to support you as Energy Locals, your local energy provider.

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