Pay your way with SteadyPay™

Energy bills fluctuate throughout the seasons. We all use more energy for heating in winter than autumn, and then more energy for cooling in summer than in spring.

That’s why we created SteadyPay™. By simply spreading the estimated total cost of your energy bills into weekly or fortnightly payments to make it easier to manage your budget for energy usage. On the due date of each invoice we will deduct the balance outstanding. If you have a credit on your account this will carry over to your next invoice.

Small adjustments may be needed
Every six months, our system automatically reviews your payments against your usage, just to make sure you’re not paying too little or too much. If we need to make an adjustment, we’ll let you know.

Sometimes, you’ll have used less than you paid for, so your account will show a credit. If you’ve used more than you paid for, we will deduct the balance on the due date of your invoice. We’ll tweak your payment amounts and you’ll be back on track.

Your bills will keep you in the know
You’ll continue to receive regular bills that will show your SteadyPay™ payment amount.

Getting started with a debt?
We can help, however there is an eligibility criteria of no more than $300.00 outstanding on your account*. Contact our Customer Service team on 1300 001 255 to find out more.

*Any outstanding amount owning will be spread across payments in your first three months. After this, your instalments will decrease to only cover your estimated usage charges.

Energy plan discounts
By signing up the SteadyPay™ payment plan you’ll benefit from maximising your savings on our Direct Debit rate per kWh.

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