Energy Audits

Your first step in becoming more sustainable

What does that mean?

An energy audit is your first step in becoming more sustainable. As part of our holistic approach Energy Trade supplies energy audits of all sizes.

Below is a breakdown of our audit summaries:

Audit Scope Audit Cost (estimate)
Level 1 Site walk-through $0 – $1,000
Level 2 Detailed investigation including report $1,000 – $7,500
Level 3 Thorough investigation and sub metering required $7,500 – $30,000

Level 1

Energy Trade makes recommendations based on a site walk-through.

The site walk-through can include a lighting count, investigation of cool rooms and air conditioning units. Data is analysed from kWh consumption obtained from a site energy bill or data supplied from a BMS system or similar.

The energy analysis is accurate to +-30%

Level 2

Energy Trade offers main switch board metering and a more in-depth site walk-through to provide the customer with a ROI proposal and analysis.
The energy analysis is accurate to +-20%

Level 3

Energy Trade offers detailed site walk-through and sub-metering for compressors, air conditioners, HVAC, motors and pumps.

This includes post verification to verify savings that have been guaranteed.
If the customer is based in NSW there may be opportunities to claim Energy Saving Certificates further reducing the capital expenditure of the project(s).

The energy analysis is accurate to +-10%