Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Super-fast charging for electric vehicles

The greener way to save

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity. They’re cheaper to run than petrol, have zero carbon emissions on the road, and the options available are on the rise.

Charging station infrastructure allows an electric vehicle to charge twice as fast as plugging them into a regular home outlet. Energy Trade partner with market leaders such as Tesla and Schneider Electric to tailor best-in-class EV charging technology to meet the needs of high-rise car parks in residential and commercial developments which are managed by the Owners Corporation.

What we look after:

  • Shared or in-bay EV charging stations
  • Installation, maintenance and billing
  • Signage on the designated car spaces

Benefits of our EV Charging Stations

  • No added cost – We supply, install and maintain the EV charging stations without any extra costs.
  • Future-ready – Future-proof your development to meet the growing demand for this technology.
  • Smart billing – Customer billing is hassle-free.  Residents receive RFID cards, and usage is added to their electricity bill.
  • Boost image – Electric Vehicle charging stations enhances your building’s green image and property value
  • Competitive advantage – Attract upmarket, sustainability focussed residents and tenants who own electric vehicles.
  • Practical value – Reduce greenhouse emissions and expensive trips to the petrol station.