Certificate Aggregation

Upgrade the energy efficiency of your premise.

What does that mean?

Energy Trade can improve your return on investment by aggregating Energy Saving Certificates that can be generated by upgrading the energy efficiency of your premise.

What we offer

As an Accredited Certificate Provider we can assist in everything from quoting an energy efficient upgrade to registration and payment of ESC’s.

We offer an ESC payment prior to most jobs commencing and upfront service fee charges which can be deducted from the generation of Energy Saving Certificates after the project is complete. This allows for complete transparency.

We administrate all liabilities, audit fees and reporting to IPART and the Scheme Administrators.

We partner with you to help create the ESC’s and guarantee to buy all of them for an agreed fixed price.

We do all the paperwork – including future reporting and resolve any issues with ESC creation.

You receive one payment to help improve upgrade payback time, without any hassle, risk or ongoing liability.

This can be done as a point of sale discount, or one completion of all paperwork.

Please contact us if you would like a complementary energy audit to see what energy savings are available to your home or business.