Park Road


The team at Energy Trade were contracted to design and install an embedded electricity network that would realise savings for the tenants and common area power and generate yearly revenue.


The measurable and future results include:

  • 20% savings on common area electricity costs
  • 25% savings on tenant electricity costs*


The site at Park Road in Auburn had no electricity embedded network infrastructure installed within the premise as it was a brand new development. The developers were seeking a complete service from design to implementation which included on-going management and billing.


Energy Trade was contracted to complete and design the embedded electricity network to include:

  • Exempt retail license
  • Master and sub metering
  • Energy procurement and supply
  • Site setup and installation
  • Contracts
  • Ongoing management


Once data is collected from the embedded with proven savings and cash flow projections, we will investigate the installation of a large commercial solar system to negate the majority of their day time use.


Energy Trade guarantee a discount for the supply of electricity to residents and common area so everyone wins.

*Savings are estimated and should not be considered actual savings or guaranteed discounts

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