Emergency & Life Support

I can see smoke or fire or I’m worried it is an emergency. What do I do?

If there’s a life threatening emergency, like smoke or fire in your apartment building, you should immediately call the emergency services on 000.

If you don’t believe it is potentially life threatening, but it’s still an emergency and you need it fixed, please call our friendly Customer Service team on 1300 001 255 between 8:30am-6:00pm Monday to Friday AEST or our emergency after hours team on 1300 864 934 and let our team know, if you’ve already alerted the fire brigade.

How do I register that someone in my home needs medical power?

If someone in your home uses an approved life support machine, let us know. We’ll tell your energy distributor so they can keep you informed of any planned power outages.

If you haven’t already informed us, please call our Customer Service team on 1300 001 255 between 8:30am-6:00pm Monday to Friday AEST and we’ll make sure your account is registered with your Retailer and Distributor.

You can find more information on our Life Support fact sheet here 

Someone in my home uses a medical support system and the power is out. What do I do?

If you believe it is life threatening or an urgent health issue, please call 000 for an ambulance or go to your nearest hospital immediately.

Otherwise, here are some quick tips that may help.

Check local outages: Occasionally, your power may go out due to a planned or unplanned network outage. This may be due to extreme weather event like bushfires, storms or flooding. Energy Trade doesn’t control the poles and wires, but we are here to help and will seek to notify you as soon as we become aware of a situation. You can also check local power outages on your local distributors website (e.g. Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy. For a full list, see our outage checklist here

Check your circuit breakers or “fuses”: Typically, in your apartment, your circuit breakers (what used to be called a ‘fuse’) are located in a box or recessed box in a wall or cupboard. This box is usually in one of the bedrooms behind a door, in a wardrobe, in the hall or (until recently) above the fridge. It may be painted the same colour as the wall. If you are in a townhouse or other building, it is typically in a utility room or your garage.

All circuit breakers should be in the ‘up’ position. If not, then one or more has ‘tripped’.

You can manually reset your circuit breaker by flicking it up to the normal ‘up’ position.

If the circuit breaker continues to trip, it is a sign that there is an electrical problem or an appliance that is causing it to trip. You may find it often happens when one particular appliance is turned on. If you can’t find the solution we suggest that you call your Building manager. If you are renting a property, you might call your landlord or agent.

If the medical equipment is needed urgently, and you can’t find a solution by troubleshooting with the above, please call Energy Trade immediately on 1300 001 255 and we can check outages in your area or, if it is an issue on site, send a technician if required.

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