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What is an Energy Trade Community Energy Network?

Community Energy Networks (CEN’s) utilise traditional building infrastructure to deliver energy services, whilst creating ongoing value that benefits residents and tenants. They are privately owned and operated metering networks that allow high-rise residential buildings, community precincts, shopping centres or retirement villages to pool their energy purchasing power to achieve discounted pricing. This means you’ll benefit from low electricity rates, big savings and amazing customer service by taking back control of your energy needs and saving together as a community.

What does a CEN look like?

Centralised Hot water (CHW)

Energy Trade is a market leader for the supply of centralised hot water to residential apartment complexes. We have over 95 sites where our Community members benefit from an endless supply of hot water from their taps!

Centralised hot water (also known as bulk or serviced hot water) is a great solution for supplying hot water to apartment buildings. Hot water is generated by a centralised plant that supplies metered hot water to individual apartments within a complex. Each apartment has its own meter and is charged an un-metered gas charge per day, meaning you only pay for what you use!

What does CHW look like?

Who is Energy Trade?

We’re still a well-kept secret and are one of the fastest growing and most trusted community energy network providers in Australia, with over 200 live sites nationally.

We are also Australian based and operated.

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