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About Us

Energy Trade is an Australian based and operated company that specialises in energy management.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions to our clients. We offer a range of services, including procuring energy, managing energy usage, generating energy, and implementing energy-efficient technologies for for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Our team of experienced professionals manage and install advanced technology to deliver tailored energy management solutions that reduce costs, increase efficiency, and minimise environmental impact.

We’re committed to providing innovative, reliable, and high-quality energy solutions that meet your needs, and you can trust our safe pair of hands.

Our focus

  • Community Energy Networks (Electricity, Gas, Water and Telco services)
  • Energy Procurement (Gas & Electricity)
  • Energy Management and Monitoring
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Efficient Upgrades (Lighting, Motors, Fan, Pumps, etc.)
  • On-site Energy Generation (Solar PV, Co-Gen, Tri-Gen, etc.)
  • Accredited Certificate Provider for the Energy Saving Scheme (NSW Only)
  • Project Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Energy Trade?

Energy Trade is an Australian based and operated company that specialises in energy management, and delivering cost effective energy solutions for all market types.

Energy Trade purchases electricity in bulk to supply to the embedded network. This enables the embedded network company to provide electricity to you at a significantly discounted rate.

What are the benefits of a Community Energy Network?

There are many benefits to being part of an Energy Trade Community Energy Network:

  1. Cheap electricity for residents and the Strata Title
  2. Ongoing discounts guaranteed
  3. Protection against severe price fluctuations
  4. Reduced body corporate costs allow lower levies
  5. Automated payment methods provide further discounts

When do I receive my account bill?

You will receive your account bill via e-mail each month within 2-3 days of your individual meter being read. This will occur at the same time each month.

What do I need to tell my tenant?

The incoming tenant or the manager of the apartment needs to know the apartment is on an embedded network. To connect to the network they need to complete the moving in form.

If you are currently occupying the apartment and wish to move, please contact us on 1300 001 255 to inform us of your intent. The final bill will be issued from the date of your last occupancy.

Further Matters

If you have any questions our operators will answer or find out an answer and get back to you. Energy Trade uses humans to respond, not computers.

What is a Community Energy Network/ Embedded Network?

A Community Energy Network is a private metering network, that allows the buying power of the building to secure better value for the residents.

Can I choose another provider?

Yes*, Energy Trade does not support lock in contracts. You can opt out of the embedded network. We believe you stay for the value and service.

* conditions apply, including network fees

How do I pay my bill?

As we focus on minimum paperwork Energy Trade do not use long term contracts. To minimise costs we only offer further discounts for automated payment such as direct debit, while still supporting the other payment options.

Automated payments are debited 14 days after billing.
Any outstanding amounts will also be direct debited each month. You can login to MyAccount and set up direct debit or complete and submit the Direct Debit Authority form.

What is my Energy Tariff?

Your embedded network tariffs can be found on the second page of your bill or on the welcome letter.

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